Millennials are the largest voting block in the country, yet they rarely turn out to the polls. The 2018 midterm elections are more important than ever. Thus, we need to esnure millennials vote in the 2018 election cycle.


We need to infiltrate millennial's lives in ways that stands out in a voice that speaks to them and not at them. 

PHASE 1: "hit em at home"
We will target individuals 18-28 in every state across the nation. Each person will get a card in the mail addressed to them that has one of a myriad of greetings that speak to youth cultural moments and truths. The inside of each card will have a call to action as well as a #THISNOVEMBER sticker that can be placed on water bottles, laptops, anywhere. The back side of the card will have the website listed which can drive tra c to our mission. Simply the physical act of receiving a card will peak interest as well as increase shareability, while the stickers will spread awareness. 


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PHASE 2: "call em out on social"
Where phase 1 will peak interest, phase 2 will remind these individuals of the act of voting in November. Through popular social media in uencers, such as Alexis Ren on Instagram, WeRateDogs on Twitter, or Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, we will have users engage in in-app polls or contests that are native to how they already participate online. Our influencers will further the message by continuing their post with the message: "We vote all the time. Do it when it matters. #ThisNovemeber"  

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PHASE 3: "tease em with the truth"  
In the last few weeks leading up to the election, follow-up emails will be sent to each individual who receieved a card the month before. This email will reference the specific card they got and will look as if whatever the card referenced was fulfilled. After a few seconds the email will distort and change to have copy that remind the reader to user their voice nationally #ThisNovember. The hashtag on screen will lead them to a micosite which registers them to vote.  


WRITER - Kyle Heiner
DESIGNER - Audrey Weatherhead