The University of Oregon's entry to the 2018 National Student Advertising Competition. Ocean Spray asked us to build a campaign that highlighted its products and built brand relevance among the 24-34 year old audience. So we did exactly that.

Our strategy found that while millennials know of the brand, they're just not buying its products. Through our campaign we highlighted how relevant cranberries were to the lives of our audience, and how Ocean Spray products could fit into their routine to make their life just a little bit better.

Our team placed third in District XI, also winning best female presenter (go Rachel!) and best tagline, Credit to the Cran


Our full campaigns book can be found at the bottom of the page. First, just some of our creative work. Password: NSAC18Team425


DIGITAL SPOTS: The spot on the left would be played on popular streaming services such as Hulu or Amazon Prime, while the ad on the left lets Ocean Spray utilize podcast hosts' authentic voices to integrate, and not interrupt with the audiences' routines.

YOUTUBE PRE-ROLL: Ocean Spray's cranberry will make even Youtube user's experience better by skipping the ad for them.


MINI BILLBOARDS: No matter which aisle our audience heads down in the store, these mini billboards will point out the versatility of our product, and how a little can go a long way.

COASTERS: Clever copy at the bars inspire conversation, remind our audience of the product, and can even get them home safe.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.08.40 PM.png

OUT OF HOME: Our twist on traditional placements. These moments can add a smile to our audience's faces. Credit to the Cran.




CREATIVE - Talia Bootz, Jasmine Tran, Kyle Heiner, Matt Palma, Sydnie Johnson, Sydney Humble, Will Nielsen, Josh Lyman, Haley Koch, Olivia Howe, Anna Rath
STRATEGY - Rachel Benner, Salem Weresh, Calvin Petersen, Kristen Friis, Talia Berniker, Nora Wheaton
MEDIA - Katey Harris, Chris Hieb, Kelsey Zafian, Will Parker
ACCOUNT - Hassan El Zein, Grace Gandolfo
RESEACH - Yasi Milani