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Our mission was to make Natty Light the #1 Beer Brand synonymous with the college experience. So, we made a college experience that last a lifetime.  Introducing...

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We believe education should stimulate instead of stifle. To be taught that life doesn't have to be mundane on Monday mornings. That the only fear of the future is forgetting to save your story from last night.

A place where we say "that was fucking crazy" on Tuesdays and not just Saturdays. Where study sessions double as pregames. Where fun never graduates.

Well such masters program exists and the tuition’s just a 30 rack. If you're looking for the education that last your entire lifetime, look no further.

Your future starts beer. 
Enroll now at Natty Academy.

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Inside 30 Natty Pack's buyers will find acceptance letters to those who enroll, where inside they’ll find Natty Academy stickers, a coupon for a 30 rack, and a copy of the official syllabus.

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Natural Light will partner with the University of Phoenix to offer a free college credited course to help students graduate in time and earn media attention.

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Natural Light will partner with Champion to create a line of Natty Academy apparel and swag so that all of our students can rep their campus pride.

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The Natty Academy syllabus will detail the assignments students should complete in to graduate top of their class. Each week Natural Light will post challenges to encourage students to attempt and post online, fueling the user-generated campaign. "Professors: will grade the challenges and 10 winners will be featured on the Instagram Dean’s List for all of social to see.

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WRITER: Kyle Heiner
DESIGNER: Nicole Lee
ART DIRECTOR: Blair Barnes