DuckTV is the University of Oregon's solely student run television network. Divided into 3 parts (News/Sports/Creative), students independently produce stories that air every Wednesday on Eugene's Channel 23. Not yet on Netflix or Hulu, you can watch episodes here.  


Kyle has produced, edited, acted, cast, written, scheduled, and dreamed DuckTV for 3 terms now. Driven by his desire to create, His work includes: White Lie, Under the Bed, 911 in da 541, Pitch, Where We Left Off, #Blessed, and Nothing Matters. His first show he helmed, 911 in da 541, received 5 Force Awards, including the "Term Force Award." 


This is the first draft of Episode 1. Each scene required both Gibbs and Ontario, two campus police officers, whose relationship is the backbone of the series.

The pilot introduces Gibbs and Ontario to the crime-ridden world of Eugene, OR.

Episode two was a trial and error in the court of love.

For episode three we wanted to infuse a noir narrative that set up the finale.

This finale tied together seemingly sketch style episodes into a narrative arc that closed the story of Gibbs and Ontario.